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8 months ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for High Performance Blockchain (HPB) - Hackathon.

If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now! Please also make sure all of your teammates are invited and have accepted their invitations to join your submission!  

Submission checklist 

Run through this list before you sit back from your project: 

  1. Are you creating a decentralized application, protocol, or developer tool that uses the High Performance Blockchain network or at least demonstrates the solution would work on the HPB network by providing video evidence, such as a video of your solution running on a HPB test net?

  2. Have you created a submission video? This is not compulsary, however it may increase your chances of winning a prize, as going the extra mile is always apprecited by the judges!

  3. Did you include a link to your codebase within your submission form? We do encourage you to have a public repository (to make it easier for judging) but if you have a private repo, share it with 

  4. Are all of your teammates added to your submission? Remind them to accept the invitation! 

Be sure to read through the RULES more than once. Or better yet, have a friend or colleague provide a second pair of eyes to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Remember, you will not be eligible for the prize if you do not stick to the rules!


  • Apply for funding and grants - We encourage every project to continue building even after the hackathon is over. For those of you who do decide to do this, you can apply for funding and grants through the HBP Foundation.

Goodluck to everyone and please reach out via discord or at if you need any help from now until submissions close.