Calling all Blockchain developers!!

If you develop blockchain DApps, write smart contracts in Solidity, are a wizard of app development, are a full-stack guru, or just an avid enthusiast of all things Blockchain and Crypto, and want to learn something new, then we want to hear from you!

What is High Performance Blockchain (HPB)?

HPB is a layer 1, main-net, fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain. It is the only blockchain in the enitre world which fuses together dedicated, custom-developed blockchain hardware with Ethereum-standard blockchain software.

HPB developed the "Blockchain Offload Engine" (BOE) accelerator card, to allow our chain to run at lightening-fast speeds (5000tps), and ultra-low cost gas fees ($0.0001 per transaction) with high-security, hardware-based encryption.

The BOE accelerator card can be thought of as a PC graphics card, only instead of processing game graphics, the BOE processes blocks on our blockchain. Every node on the chain is equipped with a BOE card (190+ nodes globally) 

HPB Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) card

HPB is also eco-friendly, because it is literally "offloading" the processing requirements from a nodes CPU, and handling the mining of the blocks. It was designed from the ground-up to handle mining in the most efficient manner (no more mining blocks on an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card!) so the node, and subsequently the entire chain, runs far more efficiently than any other typical blockchain.

Another really special feature of HPB, is that it provides on-chain, per-block, provable random numbers. You no longer have to use expensive oracle services such as Chainlink VRF to get a random number. With the HPB chain, a random-number seed can be derived from the BOE card. The built-in Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) senses tiny variances in voltage (as small as 0.00001 volts) utilizing an Analog-to-Digital Converter on the BOE. This ever-changing figure is used to help generate the truly random string of 256 digits and letters added to each new block on the chain.

But don't worry, you don't need a BOE card for the hackathon! The BOE card is only required if you wanted to run a full high-performance node. In terms of developing for HPB, the experience is pretty much identical to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and many other EVM chains. We use the standard tools that people are familiar with - Solidity, Remix, Truffle, Hardhat, Metamask, etc. If you can do it on other chains, you can do it on HPB. 

HPB smart contracts are fully compliant with Ethereum ERC20 standards. 

Do I need to learn a completely new programming language?

No!! HPB is fully “Ethereum Virtual Machine” (EVM) compatible, so if you know Solidity, you already know how to write smart contracts for HPB. You can even compile them with standard Remix IDE!

How do I connect to HPB network?

There are multiple ways to do this. For example, with Metamask you can connect by adding a custom RPC Network:

·         Network name: HPB Main Network

·         Chain ID: 269

·         RPC URL:

·         Symbol: HPB

·         Block Explorer:

Get started

you can get started with HPB immediately for free. Simply setup a wallet in Metamask, connect it to HPB chain, and then visit our faucet to claim a small amount of HPB for FREE. You can begin deploying smart contracts at zero cost.


What is HPB looking for?

HPB chain will commence a major marketing plan in 2022, and we are keen for new developers to come to the HPB chain to develop new and exciting DApps for our increasing number of users! You can develop a brand-new idea, or you can choose to fork an existing DApp from another ERC20-compatible blockchain (Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain/Polygon/Avalanche, etc)

Can I participate as an individual or a team?

You can do whatever you like! Some people prefer to develop DApps on their own. Others prefer to work as part of a team. It is entirely up to you! If you have a great idea but you don’t have the skills to develop it, you can partner up with other like-minded people and bring a new DApp to life!

Are there any specific DApp categories you are looking for?

No, we are completely happy if the DApp is a game, has something to do with DEFI, IOT, NFT, is a blockchain tool, or even if it’s a clever way of bringing increased adoption to our blockchain. Feel free to be as creative as you want to be! You could also look for "gaps" that you believe HPB has in terms of DApps and tools, and create something to fill the gap. Or perhaps you see some of the existing solutions already running on HPB that you think you could improve. It's totally up to you!

Are there any specific rules?

We ask that you do not copy-paste clone other apps directly, however if you are the original DApp owner and have full rights to do this, or it just so happens that the original DApp you wish to “Fork” has no specific limitations to do this, then it is welcomed, and you’ll have an opportunity to develop your own version of the solution. Perhaps you’ve seen how a DApp could be improved, or that it could be better utilized running on the HPB network.

We also ask that all Dapps must be in some form of working, usable state on the HPB main-net to potentially allow HPB community members the opportunity to try them out! If the solution is not ready by the competition end-date, then we would at the very least require a beta version.

Finally, you may be required to validate the smart contract source code on our block explorer, to verify the associated smart contract/s do/does not have any security flaws.

Can I make more than one entry?

Of course! Some people work fast and can make multiple Dapps very quickly. The more Dapps you enter, the greater the chance of winning! Please note, that only one prize will be awarded per submitter, but you can still submit multiple entries.

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$15,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Best overall DApp
Cryptocurrency logo

$7,500 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges as the best overall DApp, tool or chain solution.

Runner up DApp
Cryptocurrency logo

$2,500 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges as the runner-up DApp, tool or chain solution.

Most Innovative new DApp
Cryptocurrency logo

$1,000 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges based on innovation, originality and creative thinking

Best ERC20 “Fork” of existing project
Cryptocurrency logo

$1,000 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges for a project which may have originally resided on another blockchain, but has been adapted for High Performance blockchain.

Best use of HPB’s Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)
Cryptocurrency logo

$1,000 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges for a DApp which utilizes random numbers generated by the HRNG solution from High Performance Blockchain

Best Looking DApp
Cryptocurrency logo

$1,000 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges for DApps or tools which look incredible. Front-end aesthetics will be considered.

Best Presentation of project
Cryptocurrency logo

$1,000 worth of HPB
Awarded by judges for incredible presentations of projects, which include YouTube videos, community AMA's, Associated website, etc.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Xiaoming Wang

Xiaoming Wang

Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell
European Commercial Advisor

Judging Criteria

  • Technological Implementation
    Does the interaction with High Performance Blockchain demonstrate quality software development?
  • Design
    Is the user experience and design of the project well thought out?
  • Potential Impact
    How big of an impact could the project have on the wider blockchain community?
  • Quality of the Idea
    How creative and unique is the project?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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